Our Mission

Our commitment at Calvary Bible Church is to preach, teach, and live out God’s Word in ways that give God the most glory and are relevant to the times we live in. Our Mission Is Clear ...everything we do challenges us to:

      Know Christ Better than ever before. This isn't just a "Sunday school" answer to us. From our sermons to our small groups, you will be invited to know Christ better than you ever have before. It's not about religion, but having a relationship with Him. If we miss this, we miss the whole point of church (Matt. 7:21-23). At Calvary, we seek to know Christ better through intentionally studying His Word, examining it verse-by-verse together each Sunday morning and at every small group, asking "What did our time reveal to us about Christ?"

  Go To His Opportunities   

out in the world. Jesus clearly says that a church that pleases Him takes advantage of the opportunities He provides (Rev. 3:8). We endeavor to be a missional church, so our small groups and ministry teams are challenged each month to identify Christ's opportunities for them to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and provide testimony to the church of their "God stories." How do we identify such opportunity? We pray expectantly for each opportunity, serve passionately in our areas of life influence, and watch for God's Spirit to open doors of ministry beyond our church walls.

      Connect Each To His Body Christ has used the local church as His representative body for the world to come to know Him and serve Him. Lay aside your preconceived notions of church, your hangups and past church experiences, because Christ has called us to be the place for His transformation power to change people and give them purpose in His Divine plan. We desire to connect the world to the church by inviting any who will come to hear about Christ, and connect each attender into our small group ministry to serve Him through numerous opportunities throughout the church.

What about the CHILDREN!?!

You will notice at Calvary that the target of our mission is to minister to families. For babies and toddlers, we have awesome nursery personnel that we try to provide as often as possible! For children, each Sunday we provide a fun activity time during our Connect & Coffee for adults along with a children's church experience that gets children ages 3-11into our mission. For mid-week ministry to children and youth, we've also combined efforts with local ministries to provide fun and life-impacting

atmospheres of spiritual growth for your children. Not to mention all the fun family activities we do each year, like VBS, Movie Nights, Trunk-or-Treat, Game Nights and More. Come check it out!                                                                                                                       


Through Verse-By-Verse Study

Of God's Word

gO tO His


Through Missional Small Groups


Through Fellowship And Service

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